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Support us

There are a range of ways that people and organisations can support The Education Foundation’s work.

Corporate Partners network

Our Corporate Partners network consists of leading companies looking to invest in the future in education and to remain at the leading edge of education innovation, thinking and practice. From 2011-2016 our corporate partners have included the following leading organisations:

Facebook, Google, IBM, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, Skype, Sony Playstation, SMART Technologies, Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Lloyds Bank, McKinsey, Rosetta Stone, Randstad, Jigsaw 24, TextHelp and Blippar.

Our work with partners includes a range of collaborations including:

  • A programme of high profile events and roundtables on key topics bringing together leaders from government & across the sector
  • Working with us on research, commissioned reports and showcasing innovative work, products and projects
  • Support, development and evaluation of Corporate Responsibility and strategic initiatives and programmes
  • Strategy, open innovation and insight sessions with their teams and identifying new trends in education and learning
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive Education Foundation projects and initiatives

Further details about our Corporate Partners programme can be found by contacting us here


We host a number of high profile events, seminars and roundtables throughout the year including our landmark Education Foundation Summits, seminars and private roundtables.

Further details about our events can be found by contacting us here


We run a range of innovative advisory and partner projects including: Edtech UK – a strategic body set up to accelerate the growth of the education and learning technology sector, in partnership with some of the UK’s leading startup and scale up companies;  Facebook for Educators – a programme and major report to support educators use social media as a tool for learning, in partnership with Facebook’s EMEA team; the Edtech Incubator – the UK and Europe’s first education technology accelerator programme, set up in partnership with Tech City UK; The Learning Lab – a central London tech and innovation space to showcase new thinking in education and technology, supported by Skype and Sony; and Teacherlab – a project looking to rethink teacher’s professional development, in partnership with the Ormiston Academies Trust.

Further details about our advisory work can be found by contacting us here


Our think tank & thought leadership work covers education reform, technology and innovation including commissioned research and reports including those on the following topics: the future of the UK education system (Education Britain: the journey to education reform); the way technology and social media can be a tool for teaching and learning (The Facebook Guide for Educators); the strategic development of technology in schools and tackling key barriers across the system for learning (Technology and Education: a system view); the digital transformation of the further education and skills sector (Digital Colleges: the journey ahead) leadership lessons between the US and UK (Building a Lattice for School Leadership); and the development of the UK and London’s edtech ecosystem (Edtech London’s Capital for Learning Technology)

Further details about our insight work, publications and commissioned research can be found by contacting us here