Education Britain Summit – 2016

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Education Britain Summit  – 6th July 2016

This landmark event was the fourth major Education Summit that the Education Foundation has run. Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education at the Department for Education will keynote at the event which will bring together educators from across England and the UK. It provided an opportunity to hear from inspirational leaders, educators and politicians who are transforming the education system across Britain.

We were very pleased to have the Department for Education, Education Scotland, Department of Education Northern Ireland as partners and the TES as our exclusive media partner for the Education Britain Summit 2016.

The invitation only summit celebrated the existing achievements of great educators across sectors, share views of the new policy landscape and inspire participants to deliver change on the ground. A unique element of the event is the mix of policy makers, top education and business leaders. The summit also focused on the future of education reform in the UK and shares priorities for government and policy makers.


Key speakers and contributors at the Education Britain Summit included:

  • Nicky Morgan MP Secretary of State for Schools, Department for Education
  • Dr Mary Hoey Assistant Director Inclusion,  Education Scotland
  • Tim Leunig Chief Analyst & Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Education
  • Tim Coulson Regional Schools Commissioner, Department for Education
  • Professor Tony Gallagher School of Education, Queens University Belfast
  • Carolyn Robson  Vice Chair, Teaching Schools Council
  • Vic Goddard  Principal, Passmores Academy
  • Christine Hodgson Chair, Careers Enterprise Company
  • Hamid Patel CEO, Tauheedul Education Trust
  • Sherry Coutu CBE Chair, Founders4Schools & Scale Up Institute
  • David Harbourne Director of Policy & Research, The Edge Foundation
  • Catherine Knivett Principal Policy Officer Digital Skills, Greater London Authority
  • Martyn Oliver CEO, Outwood Grange Academies Trust
  • Lesley Powell Shotton Hall Academy, NE Learning Trust
  • Pippa Dodgson Principal, Hall Cross Academy
  • Andrew Morrish CEO, Victoria Park Academies Trust
  • Margaret Mulholland Director of Development & Research, Swiss Cottage Special School
  • Andy Brown Headteacher, West View Primary School, Hartlepool & Member, Tees Valley Challenge Board
  • Julie Robinson General Secretary, Independent Schools Council
  • Jenny Smith Headteacher, Frederick Bremer School
  • Joy Ballard Principal, Ryde Academy
  • Ann Mroz  Editor, Times Education Supplement
  • Ed Dorrell  Deputy Editor, Times Education Supplement
  • Professor David Reynolds School of Education, University of Swansea
  • Bob Paton CBE Managing Director, Accenture
  • Neil Carberry Director for Employment & Skills, CBI
  • Debbie Stanley Head of HR Services, Browne Jacobson
  • John Hall Deputy Chair of Grants, Sir John Cass’s Foundation
  • Ash Merchant Head of Education, Fujitsu
  • Neil Gaydon President & CEO, SMART Technologies
  • Simon Hay Founding Partner, Firefly
  • Chair: Ty Goddard, Co-founder, The Education Foundation

Audience and partners

Strictly by invitation only, 200 of the UK’s top school, college and university leaders, city leaders, political leaders and reform oriented organisations will gather to celebrate achievements, raise levels of ambition about where Britain and the world’s education system should go next and be inspired to make positive change a reality.

We are very pleased to have the Department for Education, Education Scotland, Department of Education Northern Ireland are partners and the TES are our exclusive media partner for the Education Britain Summit 2016.
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We are also delighted to have the following top sponsors supporting the Education Britain Summit 2016: Fujitsu, Accenture, SMART Technologies, Firefly, Browne Jacobson, The Edge Foundation and Sir John Cass’s Foundation.

Endorsement for our previous Education Summits

“Our education reforms have one over-riding goal – to give every child a world-class education. A key part of our long-term economic plan is giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and get good jobs. The Education Foundation’s summits allow heads, teachers and reformers from England and around the world a brilliant opportunity to share ideas, learn from each other and build a brighter future for all.”

David Cameron MP, Prime Minister

“Education reform is the great social justice cause of our times. If we are to deliver a fairer society, in which opportunity is shared more widely, we must secure the highest standards of education for all young people, regardless of their background. This is the commitment which has been at the heart of the government’s programme of reform. It is a pleasure to speak at the summit today with so many dedicated professionals and experts who share this belief, and have guided and implemented the changes we have introduced”

Nick Gibb MP, Minister for School Reform

“Its a pleasure to speak at the first Education Foundation Reform Summit in the North of England. Over the coming years I want to work with you, with parents, and other experts to develop the twenty-first-century education our country needs. Let’s work together as we answer some of the challenges I’ve outlined so that we can be the envy of the world when it comes to education attainment and success”  

Lucy Powell MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education

“The Education Foundation’s Summits are a wonderful counterpoint to the last dreary vestiges of any accusation educationalists are not ambitious and driven to improve the educational experience of our children. Charismatic, passionate, intelligent and exhausting in the way good ideas make the brain ache – long may the Education Foundation’s disruptive innovation draw together those who are committed to educating children through the ever complex futurescape which surprises us daily”

James Eldon, Principal, Manchester Enterprise Academy & Chair Manchester High Schools Group

“I’m a great believer in learning from what people do, not just listening to what they say. The Education Foundation team are worth paying attention to because, not only do they bring together the people that are thinking about the future of education, they inspire those that are actually creating it”

Margaret Mulholland, Director of Development & Research, Swiss Cottage Special School

“This is the perfect moment to be talking about education reform and school leadership. With investment and interest flowing in, the Education Foundation’s Summits play an important part in giving teachers, heads and educationists a forum in which to share their vision, ideas and best practice. We are delighted TES is going to be at the centre of these conversations as media partner”

Ann Mroz, Editor, Times Education Supplement