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Edtech Vision 2020 There are so many reasons to be optimistic and to celebrate edtech – education and learning technology – across our nation. Educators and young people are pragmatic and often behave with realism about technology that can sometimes seem to be missing in some debates. Growing a sector is […]

Edtech Vision 2020

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools – “who’s Horlicks was it anyway?” Ty Goddard, Co-founder, The Education Foundation You know what it’s like. After the set-piece political interview they sit on the sofa and relax, chat and often have a laugh. On The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, they […]

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools

The Education Foundation is Five – our summary report and plan “The Education Foundation’s passion for education is tangible. They work at the highest levels and at the grassroots,trusted by teachers, heads, unions and policymakers a like. They not only seek to enable change, but actively seek out meaningful innovation, […]

#EF5 – Education Foundation 5 Year summary report & plan