Global technology company Facebook have commissioned The Education Foundation to research and produce a major new report – the Facebook guide for educators – which launches at the Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington College on 21 June 2013. This new Facebook guide for educators – the first of its […]

Facebook Guide for Educators

We were delighted to launch our latest flagship project on the 21 March 2013. The Edtech incubator is the UK’s first national education technology accelerator programme focused on helping support education entrepreneurs in schools, colleges, universities, startups and more established companies take great ideas to scale. We were joined on […]

Edtech incubator launched

In the second of two articles in Education Executive magazine, Co-founder Ty Goddard shares his views about what the UK education reform movement can learn from its counterparts in the USA, in particular the incentives available to those driving reform. The article is shared below in full: As many of […]

Growing the UK education reform movement – part 2