Education Museum – #EdMuseum

A place where the treasure is kept.

 It’s time for a museum which celebrates our education system, the role of educators, and records the place that education has in our national life.

Our education system can change lives. We still have a way to go, but most acknowledge the transformative power of education; regardless of a backdrop of what can seem like an endless blizzard of suggestion and pressures.

People are passionate about education, despite it often being the butt of jokes or the target of cynical commentary.

Step back from those irritants and take a moment to acknowledge successes across our education system and the talented and committed people who work within it. Our educators are a truly trusted profession.

Education should be celebrated for its amazing power to change people’s lives and inspire them to better things. We need to be more ambitious about its future.

It’s time for us to find a permanent way to acknowledge the impact and role of education in our society, as well as learning from its history, providing a legacy for the future generations.

It’s time to establish an education museum.

Join the campaign for an Education Museum.