Westminster Insight: Reaction to today’s OECD PISA results


The BBC’s Coverage of today’s OECD PISA results includes a reaction and quote from Ty Goddard . A more detailed summary of The Education Foundation co-founder’s reaction and insight on this major report is as follows:

“The PISA results should be seen as an important snapshot of education achievement with over half a million 15 year olds in more than 70 countries completing PISA tests. These tests are a tool to improve; not an excuse to have a national ‘bash a teacher ‘ day – great systems invest in teachers not berate them

The UK results are improved in science and steady not spectacular in maths and english and represent consolidation rather than a leap forward. There are good lessons for our education system from this global overview.

Education policy across the UK must not be like a game of Primary School football where we all chase the ball the length and breadth of the school playground. We need consistency,positive leadership at all levels and investment in professionals across all institutions from early years to higher education.

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