#EF5 – Education Foundation 5 Year summary report & plan


The Education Foundation is Five – our summary report and plan

“The Education Foundation’s passion for education is tangible. They work at the highest levels and at the grassroots,trusted by teachers, heads, unions and policymakers a like. They not only seek to enable change, but actively seek out meaningful innovation, forming the right conditions to create real change in what we think education is and has the potential to be.”

Rachel Jones, Teacher and Author, ‘Don’t Change the Lightbulbs’

THE EDUCATION FOUNDATION is five years old! Many thanks to everyone who has supported us. Our Education Foundation 5 Years report goes live today

Celebrating education across Britain. Ambitious about our future. Inspiring education, policy and business leaders about what can be achieved. These are the hallmarks of our work for the past five years and into the future. Education in Britain is too precious to be left to vested interests and to narrow debate. Education in the UK is at a crossroads. Our systems are often fragile and framed by old arguments that focus on division rather than consensus and collaboration. Too much energy is wasted that takes critical focus away from solving major challenges.

The path we choose today will determine the shape and success of our education systems for a generation. There is a national challenge that requires new solutions and new ways of working and fresh thinking. We were founded in the belief that if we aim to put consensus at the heart of reform we can achieve more; that if we shine a light on what’s best about our system, then we can move forward more rapidly.

Our Education Foundation Summary Report and Plan goes live today – we hope you enjoy it and consider working with us to deliver its goals and ambitions for British education