Spanish Facebook Guide for Educators launched

We are delighted that on the 28th January 2015, we launched the first international version of our Facebook Guide for Educators in Spanish in Madrid, to an audience of educators, policy makers and technology leaders in the city and region. The project has taken over a year of work, with intensive research and work with two excellent schools in Spain – Escola Garbi Pere Verges in Barcelona and Colegio San Patricio in Madrid, with an international collaboration with Hove Park School too.

We are excited to share the guide with you and the inspirational spanish case studies and examples of other schools, colleges and universities across the UK who have used Facebook as a tool for learning in a range of ways. We look forward to getting your feedback and examples – feel free to get in contact with us. Thank you to the amazing teams at Facebook EMEA in London and Facebook Spain who have made this inspirational project happen. The Facebook Guide is available to download here.