Education Reformers of the Year 2014

Education Reformers of the Year 2014

We are proud at the end of our third year of work at The Education Foundation to recognise the achievements of a cross sector, nationwide group of teachers and leaders in schools, colleges, universities and education organisations who, in our view, have delivered the greatest change and reform in their sector and beyond in 2014.

The list represents a snapshot of dynamic educators developing, leading and nurturing our education system for good.

Vicky Beer CBE, Executive Principal, Ashton on Mersey School & Chair, Teaching Schools Council

For promoting school led reform and helping shape the future of teaching schools.

Sir Andrew Carter, Headteacher, South Farnham School

For commited and articulate leadership and fresh perspectives on initial teacher training

Luke Sparkes, Headteacher, Dixons Trinity Academy

For clarity of leadership and dynamism at the ‘home of the hardest working pupils in Bradford’

Diana Osagie, Principal, Islington Arts and Media School

For dynamic and passionate leadership that resonates beyond her school

Dame Reena Keeble, former headteacher, Cannon Lane Primary School

For a lifetime of inspirational school led reform in the primary sector and beyond

Patsy Kane, Headteacher, Whalley Range High School

For clear sighted advocacy of ambition for pupils across the system

Ross McGill, Deputy Headteacher, Quinton Kynaston School

For pioneering work in the online and face to face support of teachers across the UK and the open sharing of resources through Teacher Toolkit and SLTchat   

Pank Patel, ex Headteacher Wood Green Academy, Regional Schools Commissioner

For dynamic and energetic commitment to change in the system

Louise Johns-Shepherd, CEO, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education

For leadership of the literacy agenda nationally in an organisation trusted by teachers

Damian Macbeath, Headteacher, ARK Conway Primary School

For inspiring and collegiate leadership and nationally acknowledged achievement for pupils in a new school

Jackie Powell, Headteacher, Perry Beeches II The Free School

For her determination, mentoring and focus on success and achievement of all students

Rachel Jones, E-learning co-ordinator, King Edward VI School

For the verve and commitment to share what works in the digital and creative world

Andrew Huddart, Head of Strategic Partnerships, City University London

For a powerful sense of dynamism and making a higher education institution really matter in its community

Jackie Partridge, Headteacher, Springwell Special School

For her leadership in the special school sector and determination to succeed for all of her pupils

Derek Trimmer, Headteacher, Hove Park School

For frank and passionate advocate of reform, innovation in the digital arena and pupil achievement

Ryan Davies, Headteacher, Bishop Gore Comprehensive School

For creating a school proud of its history but with a focus on the future

Seamus Oates, Executive Headteacher, TBAP Trust

For powerful leadership and creating a new and positive dynamic around alternative provision

Brian Lightman & Russell Hobby, General Secretaries, ASCL and NAHT

For their leadership and support of reform within professional associations and the trade union movement

Professor Steve West, Vice Chancellor, University of West England & Chair, University Alliance

For enterprising and dynamic leadership in higher education policy and practice

Michele Sutton OBE, Group Chief Executive, Bradford Colleges Group & Past President, AoC (AoC nomination & citation)

For exemplary leadership and her dedication to promoting, representing and supporting colleges on a national stage.

Andrew Old, Education blogger

For no-nonsense commentary and support and curation of others in the education blogosphere

Lifetime achievement

Dame Sally Coates, former Principal, Burlington Danes Academy

For a lifetime of service and impact in inner city schools, for pioneering leadership at Burlington Danes and pushing the boundaries on teaching standards.