Digital Colleges report launched

The Education Foundation in partnership with Digital Business Britain, IBM and the Association of Colleges (AoC) have launched a new report on the future of the digital agenda within the Further education and skills (FES) sector.

A copy of the report is available to download here and below and was launched on the 18th November 2014 in Birmingham at the AoC National Conference by: Ian Fordham Co-founder, The Education Foundation; Gill Clipson, Deputy CEO, AoC and Penny Power OBE, Chair, Digital Business Britain and a gathering of top further education principals and leaders.

The report was co-authored by Ian Fordham and Nathan Martin, Associate Director, The Education Foundation to identify the range of ways in which digital is transforming Colleges across their provision and includes contributions from leading FE principals and system leaders about their digital journeys. It also identifies a set of proposals for the sector and policy makers to consider and an emerging roadmap for the future.

Support for Digital Colleges

There has been a range of support for the report including from leading FE and skills sector leaders and principals:

“The Digital Colleges report is a refreshing publication and a catalyst for thinking beyond content, learning systems and infrastructure. It challenges the Learning and Skills sector to consider the digital agenda across the learner journey, across our businesses and between our stakeholders. Its focus is not on a new paradigm or promise but on pragmatism, for far too long the digital box has been empty and the challenge for College leaders is to fill it with purpose”

Robin Ghurbhurun, CEO & Principal, Richmond upon Thames College

“Technology is enabling a transformation in how further education delivers its services and connects with its communities. We are committed to pioneering new ways of enabling our communities to exploit the opportunities of living in a digital world. The work of the Digital Colleges programme and report is about facilitating this transformation and influencing thinking. It is enriching the debate as we move forward in the digital age”

Graham Morley, CEO & Principal, South Staffordshire College

“I am delighted to see in the Digital Colleges report, evidence of the intense activity and progress to date in the FE sector as it undertakes transformational change in the mind set of those engaged in teaching, learning and college operational systems. Progress with digital technology and social media is continuous, colleges need to align at the heart of this disruptive process of change so that they deliver the highest quality destinations for their students”

Signe Sutherland, CEO & Principal, North Hertfordshire College