Education Reformers of the Year 2013

Education Reformers of the Year 2013

We are proud at the end of our second year of work at The Education Foundation to recognise the achievements of a cross sector, nationwide group of teachers and leaders in schools, colleges, universities and education organisations who, in our view, have delivered the greatest change and innovation in their sector and beyond in 2013.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly this year, there is more of a ‘digital’ flavour to our growing list of national education treasures. They, however represent a snapshot of dynamic educators developing, leading and nurturing our education system for good.

Geraldine Davies, Principal, UCL Academy

For leadership of a groundbreaking university sponsored academy that puts pedagogy and innovation at the heart of its work.

Peter Hyman, Headteacher, School 21

 For founding a new free school that puts skills and problem based learning at the heart of the curriculum

James Eldon, Principal, Manchester Enterprise Academy

For leading rapid improvement in the Academy’s results and pioneering digital inclusion in the City

Liam Nolan, Headteacher, Perry Beeches School

For the leadership of a pioneering school and spreading the success into new institutions.

Mike Cooke, Headteacher, Plymouth Grove Primary School

For leading a school focused on inclusion, achievement for all and reminding us of all those polishing the jewel that is Primary Education

Stella Mbubaegbu CBE, Principal, Highbury College

For leading a Gazelle entrepreneurial college with a reputation for excellence in technical and vocational training

Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor of London for Education and Culture

For her work in promoting a city-wide view of education ambition

Ian Ashman, Principal, Hackney Community College

For pioneering the development of the Tech City Apprenticeships scheme to encourage fresh, young digital talent

Vanessa Ogden, Principal, Mulberry High School for Girls

For her leadership of a high-achieving girls school that puts confidence, creativity and the love of learning at the heart of its ethos

Rachel de Souza, CEO, Inspiration Trust

For high energy transformation of schools and now growing more in a new trust model

Anthony Bravo, Principal, Basingstoke College of Technology

For his zest for technology and his work in forging partnerships between Basingstoke College and two colleges in China

Tony Little, Headmaster, Eton College

For championing the technological revolution in the classroom and encouraging teachers to become “flexible, innovative pioneers”

Charlotte Hill, CEO, UK Youth

For her work in engaging and empowering young people and tackling youth unemployment in the UK

Eben Upton, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation

For spearheading the innovative Raspberry Pi project, encouraging a new generation of confident and creative digital makers

Libby Hackett, CEO, University Alliance

For her work in promoting social mobility and inclusion in higher education

Tom Bennett, Teacher blogger & Founder, ResearchEd

For founding the ResearchEd event and community and for incisive no-nonsense commentary on the new schools landscape

Penny Power, Founder, Digital Youth Academy

For digital leadership on the national stage and developing new entrepreneurship models for students and SMEs

Simon Pridham, Former Executive Headteacher, Casllwchwr Primary School & Co-founder, Aspired

For the creation and delivery of the award winning LIFE1881 project and championing the digital agenda across Wales

Stuart Arthur, Box UK, Janet Hayward, Cadoxton Primary School & Dr Tom Crick, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Co-chairs, Wales ICT Steering Group

For the production of a ground breaking report on the future of technology in schools in Wales

The Headteachers Roundtable group

Dave Whitaker, Executive Principal, Springwell Community School and Barnsley PRU; John Tomsett, Headteacher, Huntington School; Tom Sherrington, Headteacher, King Edward VI Grammar School; Chris McShane, Principal, Winton Community Academy; Ros McMullen, Principal, David Young Community Academy and CEO Leaf Academy Trust; Vic Goddard, Principal, Passmores Academy; Jon Chaloner, Executive Headteacher of GLF Schools, Glyn School & Danetree Junior School and Lime Tree Primary School; Rob Campbell, Headteacher, Impington Village College

For positive and challenging leadership of a pioneering programme of education vision and policy influence, led by and for educators

Dr Bill Maxwell, CEO, Education Scotland (Honorary Award)

For new models of leadership of education reform in Scotland 

David Clews & TwoFour Media, Educating Essex & Educating Yorkshire (Honorary Award)

For developing television that shows the heart, soul and reality of our schools. Viewers now know there’s so much more to our nation’s ‘mind-workers’ than the lazy headlines

 Sir William Atkinson, Former Principal, Phoenix High School and federation (Lifetime achievement award)

 For inner-city leadership of education with verve and ambition for place and pupils

 Reformers & Innovators to Watch in 2014

New to 2013: We are recognising a small group of reformers and innovators who are leading change and are ones to watch in 2014

Yonatan Raz-Friedman, Kano

The Kano team have created a common sense computer in a box – screen not yet included

James O’Shaughnessy, Floreat Education

For amplifying the link between ‘character’ and achievement.

Rohan Silva, Index Ventures

Continuing to share insight around digital skills, growth and jobs

Linda Sandvik and Clare Sutcliffe, CodeClub

For developing coding clubs for all and harnessing volunteer goodwill

Simon Nelson, Futurelearn

Growing a new UK model of learning – anytime/ anywhere- from the old ‘on-air’ to Massive Open On-line Courses ( MOOC )

Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo

Developing a great British success story with a focus on empowering the teacher to reward good pupil behaviour

Derek Trimmer, Hove Park School

Leading the beginning of a whole school ‘learning transformation’ using hand held devices. Good to see a British school presenting to educators from Finland….

Rachel Jones, Create Innovate Explore

Teacher – Blogging with fun to connect geekness, creativity and music