Taking the long view in education

Over the summer and early Autumn we worked hard on our first report, building our team of staff and fellows and securing our projects and programmes of work for the year.

We have also been struck by people’s reaction feedback on the Foundation – with people agreeing with us that now is the time to rethink our approach to education and learning, to raise the level of debate, and to start finding new ways to tackle the big issues that affect the UK education system.

What every country leading education reform has had is an ignition moment, a wake up call that takes place within a society that triggers real change.

We had that over the summer in England and there are equally compelling issues and challenges happening across the UK … and as the dust settles we must take time to reflect and rebuild and now take the lead in defining what we really want from the British education system, to start to deliver and take action.

We need a national conversation about the future of education. We hope that you join us in starting that debate.