Focus and vision

Our vision for the Education Foundation is bold and ambitious.

We want to help create a world class British education system that harnesses the potential of schools, colleges, universities and businesses across the UK

The key focus of the Foundation is education reform and we are now looking to lead a coalition of organisations looking to address the big challenges affecting education in the UK.

Some key areas for focus for the Foundation are:

  • Fostering discussion and debate about the future of education in the UK
  • Creating a national debate about education reform, at both strategic and teacher level, drawing on learning and experiences of countries across the globe
  • Building collaborative networks among leaders, thinkers and policy-makers across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Undertaking research into the challenges and opportunities facing the education system
  • Developing new policy ideas and foster practical social and education innovation
  • Creating and commissioning projects, programmes of work, and publications, that demonstrate what works in practice in schools, colleges and universities
  • Drawing on the best ideas and thinking from around the UK to impact positively on education in schools, colleges and universities

We are now looking for people and organisations to work collaboratively with us – please contact us to find out more.