ICT in education specialist, Mark Anderson
Education Britain Conversations give The Education Foundation the opportunity to shine spotlights on the UK’s leading education practitioners, policy makers and projects. In this episode, Ty Goddard speaks with Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist. Mark Anderson is one of the UK’s most in-demand keynote speakers, strategic consultants and trainers. A passionate advocate for the […]

Education Britain Conversations – Mark Anderson

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools – “who’s Horlicks was it anyway?” Ty Goddard, Co-founder, The Education Foundation You know what it’s like. After the set-piece political interview they sit on the sofa and relax, chat and often have a laugh. On The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, they […]

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools

So much achieved, much more to do for the education & tech sector … The Co-founder of The Education Foundation and CEO of Edtech UK Ian Fordham is joining Microsoft UK and will become Director of Education in January 2016. Ian will be responsible for all of Microsoft’s work in […]

So much achieved, more to do for the education & ...

The BBC’s Coverage of today’s OECD PISA results includes a reaction and quote from Ty Goddard . A more detailed summary of The Education Foundation co-founder’s reaction and insight on this major report is as follows: “The PISA results should be seen as an important snapshot of education achievement with […]

Westminster Insight: Reaction to today’s OECD PISA results

The Education Foundation is Five – our summary report and plan “The Education Foundation’s passion for education is tangible. They work at the highest levels and at the grassroots,trusted by teachers, heads, unions and policymakers a like. They not only seek to enable change, but actively seek out meaningful innovation, […]

#EF5 – Education Foundation 5 Year summary report & plan

The UK’s vibrant and growing education technology sector took centre stage at the first Edtech UK Global summit held at London’s City Hall on 4th November 2016. The summit included key speeches from Rajesh Agrawal, the Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise, Liam Maxwell, National Technology Adviser, HM […]

Edtech UK Global Summit 2016 – a landmark event for ...

Education Britain Summit  – 6th July 2016 This landmark event was the fourth major Education Summit that the Education Foundation has run. Nicky Morgan MP, Secretary of State for Education at the Department for Education will keynote at the event which will bring together educators from across England and the […]

Education Britain Summit 2016 connects top UK leaders from across ...

The Education Reform Summit North – 4th February 2016 This landmark event was the third Education Reform Summit that the Education Foundation has run and the first for the North of England. Run in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, the event brought together the most influential reformers and education leaders […]

Pioneering Education Summit takes place for Northern Powerhouse leaders

Edtech UK ran its first major trade mission to New York in December 2015 with 5 leading startups from Britain and a range of activities and events to help support their growth on the East Coast. The edtech mission, in partnership with UKTI New York, was held between 7-9 December […]

Edtech UK New York mission & White House visit