Education Wales May 2017 Cardiff
  Celebration, Ambition, Inspiration May 16th 2017, Cardiff, Wales Life Sciences Hub Wales, Assembly Square, Cardiff Bay     This event is supported by Microsoft, the TES and The Assessment Foundation. This landmark event is the fifth Education Summit across the UK hosted by The Education Foundation. The event will bring together […]

Education Wales Summit 2017

Education Britain Conversations give The Education Foundation the opportunity to shine spotlights on to the UK’s leading education practitioners, policy makers and projects. In this episode, Ty Goddard speaks with Jarlath O’Brien, headteacher of Carwarden House Community School, Surrey. Jarlath also authored ‘Don’t Send Him in Tomorrow’ published by Independent Thinking Press. The […]

Education Britain Conversations – Jarlath O’Brien

Edtech UK's Edtech Vision 2020 imagery
Edtech Vision 2020 There are so many reasons to be optimistic and to celebrate edtech – education and learning technology – across our nation. Educators and young people are pragmatic and often behave with realism about technology that can sometimes seem to be missing in some debates. Growing a sector is […]

Edtech Vision 2020

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools – “who’s Horlicks was it anyway?” Ty Goddard, Co-founder, The Education Foundation You know what it’s like. After the set-piece political interview they sit on the sofa and relax, chat and often have a laugh. On The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1, they […]

Westminster Insight: The future of building schools

The Education Foundation is Five – our summary report and plan “The Education Foundation’s passion for education is tangible. They work at the highest levels and at the grassroots,trusted by teachers, heads, unions and policymakers a like. They not only seek to enable change, but actively seek out meaningful innovation, […]

#EF5 – Education Foundation 5 Year summary report & plan