The Education Foundation is the UK’s first independent, cross sector, education think tank. Our work is focused on three priorities: education reform, technology & innovation.

Our vision for The Education Foundation is bold and ambitious.

We want to be a catalyst for change and reform in schools, colleges and universities across the UK and bring educators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and business leaders together to make a long term and positive difference to the British education system

Key achievements for The Education Foundation in its first two years of work have been:

  • Developing ground breaking projects in the arenas of: teacher’s professional development (Teacherlab); technology and innovation (Learning Lab); bridging the gap between business, entrepreneurship and education (Education Britain); and creating a vibrant UK edtech ecosystem (Edtech Incubator)
  • Influencing policy development at a city wide and national level including our work on the shortage of school places feeding directly into the recommendations of the Mayor of London Schools Inquiry
  • Writing and launching a series of major reports on the future of the UK education system (Education Britain: the journey to education reform) and exploring the way technology and social media can be a tool for teaching and learning (The Facebook Guide for Educators)
  • Hosting and delivering 30+ Education Foundation policy events, conferences, summits and roundtables on a diverse range of policy issues in the UK and the USA with partners including: The Edge Foundation, NextGenSkills, Department for Business Innovation and Skills, UKTI, Tech City UK, Labour Teachers, University Alliance and the British Consulate in Boston
  • Developing a Corporate Partners network of leading global and UK companies who work with The Education Foundation on joint projects, ventures and programmes of work to help drive reform and innovation in the education system – including McKinsey, Skype, Sony, Google and Facebook.
  • Undertaking commissioned research including the Facebook Guide for Educators – the first piece of research commissioned by the global technology company outside of the US; and work on the future of leadership and new school models for the Powerlist Foundation, to help them shape their vision for a pioneering Sixth Form Leadership Academy in London
  • Speaking at numerous education, technology and policy events and roundtables including The Festival of Education, Campus Party Europe, Tech City Sessions, Economist Infrastructure Summit, New Statesman creativity in education roundtable, Guardian Innovation in Education Conference and the Innotech Summit.


The Education Foundation was founded in November 2011 by Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard who between them have 30 years experience working in education policy and practice across the UK and internationally. They have a successful track record in setting up and leading innovative national organisations, advising the government on current and future policy and are recognised experts in scaling up education projects and initiatives across the country.

They created the Education Foundation as the UK’s first cross party, cross sector education think tank with a passion to help create a more open and connected education system. Since its launch, the organisation has received the following positive feedback:

“We have welcomed the robust and thoughtful debate that has accompanied our reforms, it has undoubtedly improved the policies now being implemented. The formation of The Education Foundation is a very positive step in ensuring that this debate continues. I wish you every success” Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

“I welcome this important contribution to the debate on Education reform. High standards and rigour in our education system are imperative if we are to make sure that all young people get the best start in life.I look forward to working with the Education Foundation in the debate on reform”, Stephen Twigg MP, Former Shadow Secretary of State for Education

“The Education Foundation is a ‘petri dish’ of ideas that will not only help shape the future of education but also change the way think tanks operate for good” Rohan Silva, Former Senior Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister

“At this critical juncture, it’s vital that there is serious, thoughtful debate about our future. I’m delighted that The Education Foundation has brought together so many great minds to do just that”,  Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education

“Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard are without doubt two of the UK’s leading education innovators and entrepreneurs”, Dr Anthony Seldon, Master, Wellington College


The Education Foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise, funded, in our first two years by a combination of: co-founder investment; demonstration and innovation projects with schools, colleges, universities, companies and government; commissioned research from charitable foundations; sponsored roundtables and events; and funding from leading businesses for our advisory work and projects. If you want to work with us and support our work, please visit the Support us section of this site.

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