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Edtech Vision 2020 There are so many reasons to be optimistic and to celebrate edtech – education and learning technology – across our nation. Educators and young people are pragmatic and often behave with realism about technology that can sometimes seem to be missing in some debates. Growing a sector is […]

Edtech Vision 2020

The Edtech 50 goes live The Education Foundation & Edtech UK in partnership with Jisc are working together to support and develop the British education technology edtech sector. Hundreds of teacher entrepreneurs, schools, businesses and startups are making innovations in this sector every day. To help shine a light on those that […]

Edtech 50 goes live

The EdtechUK Global Summit 2017,  brought together expert industry leaders, educators and policy makers in a series of inspirational talks and panel discussions dedicated to accelerating the growth of this dynamic sector. Ian Livingstone addresses the audience “Looking back at digital, the future” in the first of our film series taken […]

Edtech UK Summit 2017

Take the Edtech 50 survey to highlight and celebrate the people, products and projects that have impacted education

Edtech 50

A place where the treasure is kept.  It’s time for a museum which celebrates our education system, the role of educators, and records the place that education has in our national life. Our education system can change lives. We still have a way to go, but most acknowledge the transformative […]

Education Museum – #EdMuseum

Edtech UK partnered with London & Partners and the Mayor of London to research and produce the Edtech: London Capital for Learning Technology 2017 brochure. Aiming to share a big picture view of the potential of one of London’s fastest growing sectors. The brochure was published at the London Tech Week 2017 event […]

Edtech: London Capital for Learning Technology